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hi heres some tips

i like the eat bricks filled with semen and poop and buttholes and afdter that i like to stuff my hnd up my ass and grab the shit and throw it at the wall and spell out my name


You've made stick fights cool again.


I don't know how you could have lost that scholarship. This is amazing.

Spend more time.

The top movies in the portal all took way over 2 hours. Try 2 weeks at the very least. Some advice is to learn how to manage your layers. It's good that you're able to tween and make a walk cycle (which could use lots of improvement) but there's much more to great Flash movies than those two factors.

All you need to do is spend more time using the program. Resist the temptation to submit every piece of work that took longer than 10 minutes.


It's a really good animation, but I still like the first one better because of all the video game parodies. This one had too much of a story and the video game parodies were few and far between. Still gets 5 from me though.

Nyce jawb

I was watching this everyday as you were updating it, and it was all looking really good. It's even better now that it has an ending. For those complaining about the overused ending, I think it was the only way out. If he had the masked guy die, you would have all complained about the pointless fighting. The ending was, in my opinion, the only way out of complaints about random plotless fighting, so bravo to you, TFC.

I only have a few complaints. The part at the beginning where he turns his head could have been inbetweened better. I looked at it frame by frame and saw that first he's looking towards the ground for two frames, and then he is looking up at the tree. There's only one inbetweened frame in there, but the second frame of him looking at the ground could have made the overall sequence look smoother.

Also, the part where he gets up the first time, you see him grab his sword. It just looks kind of odd. It looks like his body disappears in the middle of that sequence.

Besides that, it all looked great and I gave you a 5.


That was amazing. The time you must have spent on this animation really paid off. You're style is amazing. The way you use Flash tweens to create effects that rival those of Swift3D was astounding. Keep up the amazing work. You are a master of Flash.


Teh uber style! I favorite scene is when he starts shooting and he goes into all those different poses. It's perfectly animated.

MindChamber responds:

Yet you give me an 8????!!!!?
Just wait till I call Bill Gates and he smacks you for Hacking Halo2!!!

Biotch!!! :)


I wanna have your babies.

So funneh

This is very funny. Very nice, original style.

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